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Tired of all the fake news about crime and police investigations from the mainstream media? 


A THREAD OF EVIDENCE deals with real crime stories; their victims, violators; and cops and forensic investigators who solve those crimes and bring the bad guys to justice. Go out onto the mean streets; visit the crimes scenes and work in the forensic lab with your hosts, nationally renowned Forensic Criminologist and investigator Dr. Ron Martinelli, and Forensic Psychologist, private investigator Dr. Joni Johnston.

Listeners will be both surprised and interested to learn about how real forensic analysis and investigations are conducted, apart from the myths and fallacies presented on CSI TV programs with forensic actors, as opposed to real forensic experts and detectives. Dr. Ron & Dr. Joni select specific crime stories, topics and investigations and teaches the listener all about the objective components of forensic analysis, in a search for the ‘out loud truth’ in each crime story. Here, the listener will gain insight into what homicide investigators, criminologists, forensic pathologists, toxicologists, medical investigators, ballistic scientists, forensic video-audiologists, computer forensic specialists, crime and accident forensic reconstruction engineers, DNA and other experts do and how the team resolves complex crimes and police-involved incidents such as controversial shootings and other death cases.




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